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Fire Risk Assessment

We are equipped to provide Fire Risk Assessments for:

Care Homes

Flats and Apartments

Factories, Offices and Shops

Schools, Children’s Homes and Hospitals

Theatres, Cinemas and Restaurants

A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is required by law in all premises other than a single-private dwelling. It is important however, that the FRA is specific to your premises, and therefore should always be a bespoke product. Beware of cheap solutions; they are usually unsuitable and potentially unsafe.

Surety Fire Solutions only utilise highly qualified (usually former Fire Authority Inspectors) Assessors meaning that we are  expertly equipped to provide a service that ensures compliance with the law and provides a high-quality product that ensures your premises and staff are safe. We always aim to minimise cost and provide free and continuous follow-up support to all our clients.

The process is that assessors will make an appointment with the manager of your premises. The premises will then be surveyed and any existing fire risk assessment reviewed. The initial feedback will be provided to the manager on the day and that the final risk assessment complete with colour coded action plan will be forwarded within 14 days. The risk assessment action plan will be coded so that items requiring urgent attention are highlighted, agreed timescales will be identified for the items and items which are just good practice will be identified as to be done if desired.

Telephone: 01253 628244 for a free quotation.